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Why Ladies Get Stuff Done


Hello. My name is Naomi Burgess and this is a post about female entrepreneurs and (I’m saying this without any reverse sexism intended) why they’re more likely to succeed in business than their male counterparts.

Women have the will-power

Fortunately, we live at the age where it’s no longer frowned upon for a woman to be an entrepreneur. And as statistics show, ladies are quite good at running businesses. The main reason for this is that while men see their business as just a job, a way to make money, women see it as a big part of their life, something they created, so they’re more careful with the risks that they take. They’re careful from the very moment their business is launched, and their risks are more calculated than those of male business owners, and therefore, fewer businesses run by women fail within the first year than businesses run by men.

Women are goal-oriented

Women also have an easier time concentrating on a single business, because they invest a lot more in it, whereas men tend to run multiple businesses at the same time, often without sufficient resources to do so. As I stated earlier, businesses generally play different roles in the lives of men and women, and those different roles are directly affecting the business performance and success.

Women has the charm

Ladies are generally believed to have a better approach to running a business – a fact confirmed by the statistics that show that companies ran by them have an easier time with maintaining a stable and consistent track record. This fact makes them more attractive to investors and buyers, although some of those prefer to see some risks that had paid off – something that’s more likely to occur in a company run by a man. That’s not to say, however, that women are completely averse to taking risks – they just spend more time on considering them because to them, their business is more than just a way to make money.

Both male and female entrepreneurs have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to running a company, and it goes without saying that both groups are equally capable of doing so. When it comes to businesswomen, however, statistics speak for themselves.


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