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Most Important Ports in Turkey


Turkey is strategically located as a logistics port between Europe and Asia, making it one of the main international suppliers to the European Union.

This growth over the last few years is mainly due to the speed of delivery times compared to other Asian countries. However, it has also made it quite a destination of interest for those who love ports and learning about the use and impact of ports on a country.

The importance of Turkey highlights its location between the continents of Asia and Europe and its excellent sea view over the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, and the Bosphorus Strait, where the Turkish merchant marine fleet is considered one of the most significant and active in the world. Among the ports of Turkey:

The Port of Ambarli

Ambarli Port serves the larger area of Istanbul. It is in the Beylikdüzü district of the European part of Turkey, on the northern shores of the Sea of Marmara facing the Aegean Sea.

The port was built in 1989 and was expanded and upgraded at the beginning of this century as the amount of trade and cargo increased.

The Port of Mersin

It is one of Turkey’s most important ports, located on the north-eastern Mediterranean coast in the southern Turkish city of Mersin. It is Turkey’s primary gateway to the Mediterranean. It was built in 1950 as a major government project.

The port contains cargo, containers, RORO, and oil terminals. It also includes a grain berth with silos with a capacity of 100,000 tons, livestock and timber berth, a fishing berth, and a small marina for boats.

The Port of Istanbul

An influential commercial and tourist port on the European side of Istanbul, on the western shore of the Bosphorus Strait.

Its construction began in 1892, and its growth and extension proceeded over time to accommodate the inflation of the volume of goods and the large increase in the number of passengers and tourists.

It has two terminals, one for cargo and one for passengers, with space to handle 10,000 visitors per hour.

The Haydarpasa Port

It is a container terminal and general cargo port in Istanbul, Turkey, near the southern entrance to the Bosphorus Strait.

Haydarpasa Port is the second-largest port in the Marmara region, with an annual tonnage of six million tons.

The Iskenderun Port

It is in the Iskenderun district in the north-eastern Mediterranean. It extends over 1 million square meters and operates with a capacity reaching 8.7 million tons annually.

The port of Iskenderun is distinguished by its proximity to textile and garment companies and has eight sea quays for cargo and goods.

It is linked to a railway network that connects all its platforms and has an annual turnover of 600,000 tons of general cargo and 2.5 million tons of solid bulk.

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