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Setting Up Your Ideal First Office Space: Checklist


When setting up an office, it can be difficult making sure that you’ve all that you need from the first day. For startups, not having all the necessary items can be a huge setback and mean that you’re paying employees to be at work whereas hindering them from being altogether productive. For those who are just moving from one address to another or setting up a new office, the puzzle of getting everything set up and ready to go can be nerve-wracking, especially if you try to do it all over the course of a weekend.

A simple checklist is perhaps the most significant tool that you can use to organize yourself. Remember to prioritize your checklist so that the most critical aspects that constitute your business needs are dealt with first. What is vital to one business will not be as significant to another. It depends on the kind of work that your business does. Though in today’s age, communication is the secret to many successful businesses, so in most cases, your computer network and telephone system will be the priorities.

Office Essentials

Before choosing an office space to move into, it is a brilliant idea to have a checklist of the things that you’ll need on day one. Prior to moving in, confirm that the office can offer all that you need and be ready to wait if your property-owner needs to make any modifications. Alternatively, look for another office space that you can rent which already has these things. Your checklist should include:

  • Fire safety measures, for instance, fire extinguishers and exit signage
  • Kitchen facilities
  • A suitable access control system, such as keys or swipe cards
  • A temperature control system, for example, heating and air conditioning units
  • A reception area, if needed for visitors
  • Wall-mounted or under floor ducting for computer cabling

Pick the Right Location

More than anything else, a suitable location is essential – preferably someplace central that’s easy for your employees to travel to. Other factors concerning your office’s location should consist of the presence of competitors, closeness to skilled labor, and if you work directly with customers, proximity to your client base.

Customize it

Taking ownership of your office has a stimulating effect as it boosts productivity. Don’t get expensive stuff from the beginning. Alternatively, give the surrounding some of your personality so your staff can connect with you and understand what you expect from them.

Get Blinds

Office blinds are very important to have, especially if the light coming in from the windows cast an annoying glare on the computer screens, making it difficult for your staff to work. It’s also essential to have the right atmosphere in your office because the look of the workspace can improve your employee’s motivation to work. Keep in mind that a productive working environment can be achieved by installing office blinds.

You can find wide variety of office blinds such as roller blinds, vertical blinds, wooden blinds, blackout cellular blinds, motorized blinds, mini blinds and Venetian blinds. And the best part of all these blinds is that you can find them in a different texture, material, color, style, design, and size and hence you can easily select the blind according to the theme of your office.

Window treatments are becoming very popular day by day. You can order and design your style of office blinds from online stores easily. You just have to do a quick search, and you will get some notable results. You will get all the details of prices, colors, and materials.  You will also be saving your trip to the local stores.

Develop the Status of Your Business with ISO Certification

Having an ISO certification behind your business’s name significantly increases the profits and visibility of your business. ISO is credited globally and gives clients and consumers the confidence to use your services and products because they’re considered of high quality and reliable since they’re made following the standards of ISO.

The most popular certification, and most widely implemented is the ISO 9001, and the number of companies gaining this ISO is continuing to grow. ISO 9001 relates to quality management and implements a quality management system (QMS) into your business improving the quality of your services and products while at the same time looking at your customer satisfaction ratings.

ISO 45001 is the newly developed international standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. ISO 45001 is intended to apply to any organization regardless of its nature, type, and size. The new standard authorizes organizations to improve injury prevention and reduce ill-health while safeguarding the organization’s longevity.

ISO consultants play a significant role in getting a business ISO certified. It takes a lot of wise decision-making to choose the most fitting consultant. While choosing an expert, the very first thing to keep in mind is whether they’re capable and experienced enough to meet your requirements. Also, check out the variety of services and products the business offers. An ISO Consultant Company that offers a guarantee of their services and products would be an excellent choice. When you approach ISO consultants to get the ISO certification, you need to be in very close contact with them during the assessment process. The basic function of ISO consultants is simplifying the process to get ISO certified. After understanding the business requirements, they act as professionals and guide the business through the professional process by emphasizing the steps needed to be taken to conform to the international quality management standard. They also help and guide the businesses to put the action plan in effect meeting the requirements needed for the certification.

Keep Your Expenses Low

Think of all the distinguished businesses that started in their home offices or garages. You can redo your office space down the road once you have made it, so keep your costs low in the beginning. You don’t need a lavish office with leather couches and saltwater fish tanks; you need desks, chairs, and the internet connection. Spend your money on bonuses and better employees instead.

Highlighted above is a list of basic considerations (and there are many more) to help get you set up and started in your office. Think carefully about what you need. Start small and grow your business.


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